The first hybrid-appraiser in real estate valuation

einwert is the first platform for formal real estate valuation connecting institutional investors with suitable appraisers on site. Leveraged by our platform-integrated software we replace the manual busy work with intelligent parameter determination to provide more accurate and sustainbility-driven formal valuations with faster turnaround times than anyone in the industry.


Our Ambition


Formal real estate valuation is mandatory for institutional investors but is considered one of the major threats to the transaction process. Due to manual processing, appraisals contain subjective opinions, take up to six weeks and can’t include data-driven insights like ESG-valuations.

We're here to guide the real estate industry into a digital, transparent and sustainable future. As every action in the real estate market is value-driven, the key element is to make value transparent in an objective manner. We help real estate owners to get insights into their real values, make decisions faster and accelerate the transition to a sustainable real estate market.


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