The first hybrid-appraiser in real estate valuation

einwert offers the fastest hybrid appraisals in Europe for institutional Clients! Our real estate valuations are significantly supported by our new digital solution, which replaces previously complex analog coordination processes and data transfers with AI-controlled, digital processes. In addition to the high speed, our software provides data-based ESG insights.


Our Ambition


einwert aims to lead the real estate industry into a digital, transparent and sustainable future. We help real estate owners gain insight into their properties' value, make decisions faster and accelerate the transition to a sustainable real estate market. Our formal property valuation follows a new, efficient approach that combines extensive industry expertise with innovative technology for the first time.

We are revolutionizing real estate valuation

By replacing manual busy work with digital processes, we empower our partner appraisers to provide smarter valuations and offer our institutional clients appraisals with faster turnaround times than anyone else in the industry.

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Our diverse and growing team is the reason we can continue to improve everything we do. See for yourself how much talent we've packed under one roof.